Rainbows Over Waikiki - 2017 Honolulu Pride™ Festival

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Want to be a part of something incredible that you can be a part of year after year? Sponsor a Pride Banner in the Rainbows Over Waikiki project.

HONOLULU PRIDE™, a project of the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation, is creating a beautification and awareness project to display Pride Banners on light poles in Waikiki every year in October for HONOLULU PRIDE™.

Sponsors of each Pride Banner will be recognized in the annual HONOLULU PRIDE™ guide and for the year on the HONOLULU PRIDE™ website. An initial, tax deductible, donation of $300.00 per Pride Banner is all it takes to be a part of the Rainbows Over Waikiki project for 2017. Each subsequent year has a reduced rate donation – with 2018 early donation set at $175.00 per Pride Banner. 

Sponsorship Deadline for 2017 Rainbows Over Waikiki and 2018 early donation is August 31, 2017 for inclusion in the 2017 HONOLULU PRIDE™ Guide and October 1, 2017 for website recognition. Become a sponsor of Rainbows Over Waikiki now!!!! The hard part is deciding on how many Pride Banner you want to sponsor. 

Deadline is August 31, 2017 for inclusion in the 2017 Pride Guide.

2017 Rainbows Over Waikiki: $300.00 donation per banner

2018 Rainbows Over Waikiki (for an additional discounted donation): $175.00 donation per banner

Please enter number of banners and total donation amount below.

Feel free to contact Willie Sabel, the Honolulu Pride™ Parade and Events Chair for any further questions or comments:

To Calculate Sponsor Amount:

$300.00 x the total number of 2017 banners + $175.00 x the total number of 2018 banners

(e.g. 2 banners for 2017 + 2 banners for 2018 = $950).

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Please enter the Full Name(s) or Company/Organization Name that you would like to have listed in the Pride and Webpage Listings. If blank, the First and Last Name provided below will be used in the Listings. For annonnymous donor recognition, please type "Annoynmous" in the section below.

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